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Using a Flat-File Database Library with Node.js

Storing data with any web service is probably important. Typically a database such as MySQL or MongoDB would be used. However both of these require database software to be installed and configured. For some of...


Low End Spirit

Low End Spirit is a service that provides virtual private servers (VPS), sometimes known as virtual machines (VM), at many locations around the world at a very very! low cost. Super low cost. From €1.99 per year low cost....

Find My iPhone via Node.js

The Find My iPhone app is a great feature of iCloud. You can track your iCloud enabled devices to determine if you left your iPad at work or your iPhone on the bus; you can send messages or play sounds to help locate...

Avoid OpenShift Application Idling

OpenShift is a great Platform-as-a-Service provided by Red Hat to host web applications in a cloud environment. I use OpenShift to host a few services, such as my iPhone Tracking service (details here). The OpenShift free plan provides...


Running Scheduled Tasks In Node.js

Lots of web services need to run tasks at a particular time. This could be to perform a clean-up or maintenance operation, or simply to retrieve and process some data. JavaScript has built in methods...


An Exploration into Node.js

After hearing about all the cool things you can do with Node.js, I decided to spend some time exploring it and seeing what it could do. I will be writing up what I explore and I...

Avoid OpenShift SSH Timeout

OpenShift is a great platform, but I find it very annoying that SSH sessions timeout quickly. To disable the annoying timeout, once connected via SSH type:

to disable the timeout.